Diccuss the theory of occupational choice.

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"The choice of a person's occupation is the act that reflects people's motivation, knowledge, personality and abilities. To many people, an occupation is a way of life. The workplace becomes a social environment rather then a place of isolated work functions and skills" (1973 Holland, D).

My chosen career path is the Marketing Industry. The main reason this industry appeals to me is because of my interest in the psychology behind why people buy certain things and the key role played by the marketers and the advertisers. I am a social person and very talkative. Expressing myself has never been a problem for me so ability to sell things comes naturally. I am also a natural leader

The financial side has always been a big influence for me. It is a well-documented fact that this industry can be very lucrative for talented marketers. Financial security should be a major factor in any occupational choice.

The marketing and advertising industry are the main industries that I have a genuine interest in.

As a university graduate, the going rate of salary that I'm likely to receive in my first post would be around £16 -20'000 per annum. This would be a starting package that would rise on completion of training.

John Holland - Vocational Personalities and Environments

This typology theory was developed to organise the volume of data about people in different jobs and the data about different work environments, to suggest how people make career choices and to explain how job satisfaction and vocational achievement occur. Holland suggested "people can function and develop best and find job satisfaction in work environments that are compatible with their personalities" (1973 Holland, J). Holland based his theory of personality types on several assumptions. People tend to choose a career that is reflective...