How did Hitler get support?

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As we know, Hitler at the first was a child that has a broken family. His Dad (who beat him) was dead when he was 13. Then when he grew up, he began to enter the military by being a troop. During being a troopthe war , he hated Jews and Marxists because he claimed Jews and Marxists were undermining the war effort. With these concepts, in 1920, he became a leader of Nazi party that aimed to build the new Germany and blame the Jews. The question is, how did he raise power to make that party and become its leader? He gave many speeches from the small audiences to many audiences and he had a good way to give speech.

He tried to get support by giving an influence of his idea to his audiences. He started his speeches with captive audiences, then because of the T of V that made German had to pay a lot of money and lost some area, he was no longer isolated, he began to share his sense of the T of V with German soldiers.

He told them that Germany had not been beaten on the battlefield but had been betrayed by Jews and Marxists who had preached revolution and undermined the war effort. This evidence made those soldiers were affected and begin to supported him. In September 1919, Hitler was sent to be a spy to attend a meeting in German's Worker Party. At the beginning, he was only instructed to get some information, but after he knew that this Party's political idea was similar to his idea, but he did not like the way this party organizes its self. He then began show his idea to the German's worker party leader, Anton Drexler that finally was getting impressed by Hitler's idea. Hitler became the party's propaganda manager. By becoming a propaganda manager, this makes him easier to reach his dream. He started to bring his armies to join the party and got money from one of the armies he brought, Ernts Roehm, to advertise the party meeting. This brought Hitler more audiences to listen to his speeches. In conclusion, Hitler step by step gave many speeches to get supports.

Hitler got some good techniques of giving a speech which make his audiences would be attracted and makes the audience support him. Hitler always came late before he gives his speeches. He did so because he wanted to make the audience's tension were developed and make his arriving to the stage more sensation. We can imagine that when we're watching a concert of a band, the band will comes late to make its fans screaming in front of the stage, hoping that the show will getting started right now. The other techniques he had, he started his speeches by speaking from side to side and begin to gesticulate with his hands. His voice would get louder and become more passionate. These techniques are usually effective to make the audience doesn't feel boring about his speeches and will bring them into Hitler's mind. In conclusion, These all are the good techniques to get audiences support what are you talking about.

By reading those evidences, we can see that the great enthusiasm will make you easily to get what do you want and great techniques also required to have. Hitler gave many strong speeches by his great techniques that made him gained many supports.