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In today’s society people have started to become overweight at early stages, due to the foods that they eat. People try many diets, proper exercise and to manage food, but it seems that more and more people can’t control there eating habits. There are many opinions when it comes to dieting and how it should be done. What one person might think is good for you the other person might say it is not.

Americans suffer from what you call diet. It seems that everywhere you go; there are certain diets that are available in supermarkets, malls and pharmacies. There are all kinds of diet pills on store shelves that people will buy just to lose weight not knowing the effect that it will have on their inner body. Back in the day people were not really concern about their weight like they are today, it seems to be all about the image one must portray.

Commercials on TV have so many celebrities sponsoring diet clubs just so you will join and to think well, if Marie Osmond can do it then I can to.

Some food are ridiculously temping to eat even though you are not suppose to eat it because it is high in calories and full of food additives that are not good for you. With so many food shows on TV how can you lose weight if the shows are cooking good looking food?Millions of people today are fighting obesity than before because people lack going home and cooking a healthy meal instead they will stop and grab fast food and take it home to feed their kids. Fast food chains have become more convenient for most families just because both parents are working and do not have the time to cook. Obesity is wide spread...