Different Types of Business Presentations

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A group of CEO's all earning over 1 million dollars, a group of corporate employees who were all earning over 1 million dollars:

The presentation would be more sophisticated, informational, and as in depth as possible. The CEO's most likely already know the material and are just freshening up on it. It would be more formal and to the point, but the presentation would cover the wide aspect on the topic. I would be very respectful and wait until the end to see if they had any questions. I would answer the questions right there on the spot because they don't have as much time as corporate employees.

A group of corporate employees who were required to attend the training:

I'd have this group broken up into two groups; those who've been with the company for awhile and all the recently employees with less than a year of experience. The reason for this is that, the corp.

employees are the back bone of the company and pretty much know the ins and outs of what they are doing. The presentation would have more audience involvement because most people hate mandatory training. If you get the audience involved they are more likely to pay attention. The presentation would not be as in depth as with the students, but more informative than with the CEOs. The image portrayed would be a relaxed casual image. I would try to add some humor and make it as short as possible. I'd open up with a few jokes and interject a few humorous comments here and there to lighten up the mood.

The new comers however would be extensive maybe an hour or so complete with pie charts and graphs, corporate policies, expectations, and video segments would be appropriate. I would have to work...