Direct Correlation of Craft and Credibility

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In the article "I Just Wanna Be Average," Mike Rose illustrates the story in a manner that compels the reader, to view his story as reality. In order to build this credibility, the author uses the first person narrative. This technique enhances his argument because people are less likely to look for flaws in his story. In this piece he uses this ethos technique to convey the message that individuals placed on the Vocational Education track, have potential. However, this potential can only be understood and cultivated under strict and yet caring guidance from good and devoted teachers.

Vocational Education is an alternate route for students that are unable to complete regular school. People tend to perceive that not many of the students that are placed here have any desire to learn. However, this view is very close minded. As Rose states, "Students will float to the mark you set" (page 169).

The teachers in the story did not teach them to succeed; instead they taught what was needed to barely get by. The author conveys this message with the example of Brother Dill, who would occasionally assault the students if they were causing the class to get out of hand and Mr. Mitropetos who assigned the required text and told the students to read it over and over again. By conveying these situations to the reader, the author intends on building a rapport and will use that in order to gain the conviction of the reader. This technique makes his story that much more credible.

To prove that vocational education students have potential the author looks to further strengthen the emotional relationship with the reader. The author accomplishes this by describing to the reader the strengths of all Rose's friends. Rose states, "Growing up where I did, I understood...