This is a discription how moving can be hard for a family, but in turn, can become the correct decision.

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The Moving Outcome

The air is humid and sticky as my mother, sister and I lie on the floor of our new dinning room in our newly built house. It is August and outside bellows with sounds of life. Frogs croaking throughout the shore of the lake, crickets chirping about the grassy plain are much different than we are accustomed to. This is our first week living in our new house on Crystal Lake in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

The house inhabits along side a 17-acre lake and a large grassy plain on Crystal Lake in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. In Wauwatosa, we fall asleep to sirens and traffic noises, but zero nature resonance like our new house. The house is a burnt brown with both a large and a small deck in the back facing the beautiful lake that turns ocean blue near the end of summer. An enclosed deck is located below the large deck, which holds our hot tub that is comfortable in the winter.

Our old house now occupies my father, at least until we move our belongings, is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The move is a major change for my entire family. My father at one time, never gives moving a thought, but my mother, Martha always has her way of persuading.

"We cannot and will not move because of the business," my father Mark complains. "I don't care where it is, if it is further away it will be harder for me to manage!"

My mother despises schooling in Wauwatosa because the schools are behind in education and flunking kindergarten that year does not help. When she finds time between raising two kids and working nights as a nurse, she studies all school districts not far from Milwaukee. After searching for several weeks, Martha falls...