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There are different forces that affect the environment in the workplace. These forces involve diversity issues that are present in today's business. According to Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn workforce diversity is defined as the presence of individual differences based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, able-bodiedness and sexual orientation. (p. 21), Different types of diversity have an impact on individual behavior. The success of a company will depend on the employees of the organization. Workforces today are made up of people from different backgrounds with different talents.

Gender differences

In recent years more women have entered the work force. Men and women have to learn to work together more than ever. This process has helped to get rid of gender prejudices and stereotypes and yet resentment, confusion, tension and misunderstanding have developed between men and women who work together. Many women hold entry and mid-level positions but still there are few women that are in executive level jobs.

In today's business world men and women are competing for the same positions. This competition has created resentment within the male work population. There are still barriers blocking women from taking on jobs that are still viewed as "a man's job". This creates negative effect on the profitability of a company. Organizations still need to work on gender discrimination problems to move in a positive direction for the future. Men and women compete for the same jobs. Organizational barriers blocking women from moving into jobs traditionally seen as "man's work" still exist. Because of this, most companies suffer gender discrimination problems that affect their profitability. Men and women are reevaluating corporate life. Many women have left the corporate world to start businesses of their own. Men are also looking at themselves and making changes in the business world and on the home front.