Diversity Paper

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Running head: Diversity Paper

Diversity Paper


University of Phoenix

MGT 331

Organizational Behavior


Alvin Cooper MSM

April 14, 2004

Workshop # 3

Diversity Paper

Diversity is a multi faceted idea that has changed as more business move toward a global marketplace. Most people hold the belief that everyone is of equal importance, and is entitled to the same privileges and opportunities, without regard to race, gender, disability, or age. Because of this belief changes in management practices have altered in the workforce. People have grown to understand workplace diversification and employees individual behavior. "diversity management provides a climate where all employees feel that they are valued by and contributing to an organization" (Schermerhorn, Organizational Behavior Today, chapter 4 p. 2). We will examine the impact of ethnicity, gender, socioeconomics status, and geographical differences on individual behavior.

Ethnicity is basically a characteristic that reflect the cultural experiences and feelings of an individual group of people.

Ethnicity recognizes that individuals may have a key culture that is distinctive to individual ethnic groups, but doe not prevent the possibility that individuals within that group have the ability to learn cultural behaviors of other groups.

When a company is growing, little attention is paid to value. People think the organizational values must be right. Top managers are unusually rethinking values only when it becomes necessary to support a change in strategy and organizational culture. Changing people's behavior requires more than redesigning structures and incentives.

Top managers and management teams for companies discuss corporate values everyday in meetings. Corporate values and attitudes lead to consistent behavior; they provide a basic trust within an organization. Values determine the kind of work

management can expect. In my experience managers can improve their ability to lead effective change if they will take the trouble to...