Diversity in the Workplace.

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Main Drivers of Diversity


Workplace drivers of diversity play a major role especially in the surrounding cities of Los Angeles, these can be seen as obvious barriers whether it's a service-oriented company like the City of Commerce Public Library , Astro Electric, SCEFCU, Law Firm or a merchandise producer like Coca-Cola. In order to be successful these barrier will need some fine-tuning or to abolish altogether. One member of our group had separate issue and we felt that it is important to discuss because of the integrity and emphasis she makes Values, skills and abilities, personal traits were the topic of her discussion. The remainder of the group had similar observations of their workplace diversity drivers. First, age was the unanimous discussion by all four . Second gender and ethnicity, and third were all separate drivers like occupation and education.


All partners do not share the same values, however there are three values they do share and that is integrity, honesty and hard work.

Moral and ethical principals are rare especially in a law firm since lawyers are seen as dishonest. Honesty is the second value the law firm abides by and if the firm believers the client does not have a case they will not deceit the client by dragging a case longer than needed. Hard work and is evident in the firm they arrive early in the morning and are expected to work hard during business hours, the result for hard work is excellent salaries

Although the employees arrive early the emphasis on family values is noticeable because all employees are to leave by no later than 5:30 each evening.

Skill and Abilities

As professionals two of the three lawyers have received awards thus showing their apt skills. All three lawyers are in their early...