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" Don't you have a father?" a question that I had to oppose everyday. Ever since I had developed a longing for a father, I had realized that one could not function without the presence of his father. Everyday I had to defy all the criticisms that my own friends bestowed upon me. However, I knew that I would meet my father some day: the father that I had so longed for.

On January 19, 1994, my flight to America took off at approximately three in the morning. Outside, the sky was still dark. Stars were still shining as bright as ever. I sat in my seat patiently until the plane had landed. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise coming from the speaker saying, " We have arrived to Sandiego." Quickly, I took all of my belongings and headed for the entrance. As I walked towards the entrance, my heart began to pound.

My heart beat faster every second. My mom, my sister, and I began to look for my father. To get more familiar with his appearance, I took out his picture, held it tightly to my hand, and looked at it every minute and then. Suddenly, a man dressed in black suit and pants walked towards us. He looked so strange but yet somewhat familiar. I looked at my picture one more time, and there he was, my father. Strangely, I did not feel a bond between us. It seemed as if we were two different people. I was hoping to get a hug from him, but he didn't come. The father that I was longing for was somehow destroyed from my memory at that moment. He did not smile when he saw us, not even said hello.

When we got home, he did not say a word...