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If you are trying to pick up a paper online then you should be ashamed of yourself. People work very hard for their grades and you are cheating! Shame.

CHEATER RULES!!! This bitchin' new combo from Santa Monica, CA serves up a unique blend of melody, hooks and emotionally charged, aggressive hardcore that is undeniable.

CHEATER is led by the always dapper Mark Phillips, a veteran of the L.A. hardcore scene who originally hails from the Washington, D.C. area. Phillips began putting together CHEATER with the help and encouragement of infamous good friend and co-producer Fletcher from Pennywise. He quickly found 19 year old skate rat Ben Collete to play bass and South Bay surf legend Dennis McGivern as an additional guitarist. Ben's aggressive picking style provides the perfect undercurrent for the Phillips/McGivern sonic guitar fury. Drummer Chris Webb of One Hit Wonder fills in on drums for CHEATER'S first full length record "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and keeps time with military precision and train wreck energy.

After auditioning some 30 candidates, CHEATER found what they were looking for in the hard hitting intensity of drummer Jaime Harris.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" on Theologian Records (Cheater's debut release is a mini-album titled "Experience All The Hate" on Stiff Pole Records) takes the listener on an odyssey of love and revenge. With help from Fletcher and knob twister Donnell Cameron (whose credits include Bad Religion, Rancid and Sublime to name a few), the bittersweet melodies, fat guitars and punk as fuck rhythms played with conviction and soul give "Home Is Where The Heart Is" a truly unique sound. Live, CHEATER'S manic intensity and Phillips' ability to incite audiences have built them a solid following.

CHEATER is currently planning a U.S. tour and is featured on the soundtrack to Taylor Steele's surf movie "The Show" also available on Theologian Records.