How does technology effect my life?

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The twentieth century has opened a glorious beginning in man's life. Before that, the world has engaged in rapid changes. It was a time of intensive research in many fields of knowledge. The scientists' achievements during the past years have contributed tremendously to man's progress towards civilization. All of these are development in technology. Technology is associated with our daily lives range from the computer in our school to the microwave in our kitchen. In this essay, I will establish a definition of technology and how it affects my life.

First, I will work on definition of technology. There is diversity of inventions throughout history, especially in the latest centuries. In the field of medicine, the names of William Harvey, Hipporcates, Louis Paster and many other shine. Alexander Fleming discovered the microbe killing substance known as Penicillin. Today, thousands of millions of lives are saved as a result of the discovery of Penicillin, thanks to Alexander Fleming. Experiments on very tiny objects by scientists, doctors and medical students today are carried out with the help of microscopes which magnify the very tiny objects placed under the lens. Therefore the invention of microscopes by Zacharius Janssen, a Dutch optician, has helped mankind tremendously. In the field of electricity, the name of Michael Fraday is well known. He was he one who gave the world the first dynamo which generates electricity. The name of Thomas Edison is no less important in science. He was the inventor who gave light to the world. The most noteworthy invention of this century is the aeroplanes which can travel faster than the sound. These are the supersonic jets and it is rumoured in western cirles that some of the supersonic planes of the Russians can travel up to five thousands miles per hour. It is...