How does W.W.Jacobs create mystery and excitement in "The Monkey's Paw?"

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In the nineteenth century there was no sort of entertainment e.g. television, game consoles, radios etc.People Read a lot of books they loved books that were about mystery and suspence.This was the time that "the monkey's paw" was written. In those days people were excited about far-off places like India because of all the magical things and the old fakir's and so people loved to travel to such places but it would cost them a lot.

"The monkey's paw was set in a place that no one lived.

"The night was wet and cold" and was the beastly places to live. It`s set in the middle of the villa. The story is started off with the place being nice. The story is not made this way it creates suspense to the readers the weather should be bad but it starts off good so it creates suspense to the readers.

The other thing that makes the story exciting is the people.

In the story w.w.Jacobs increases tension in high peaks which alternate with calm moments e.g. When the man outside is waiting he is very dressed up and Miss White assumed it was in connection with the £200 and when he tells her that her son is dead she is heartbroken. The tension is moved up when Miss White realizes that there are two wishes left she runs to tell her husband to wish him back and when he does there are knocks on the door and when she tries to open the door she couldn't because it was too high and then the tension is on its highest peak when the last wish is made and when the door is open there is nothing there the tension suddenly had a great 'fall'

One of the other ways...