A Doll's House

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In Henrik Ibsen's play "A Doll's House", female main characters experience several revelations that alter their behavior. Both Ms. Linde and Nora are completely different characters by the end of the play. Although both Ms. Linde and Nora begin the play in a passive state, letting others control them, by the end of the play they have both taken their lives into their own hands.

Ms. Linde enters the play as an old friend of Nora's who has come back to visit and to attempt to get a job. Her husband's death was her time of revelation, when she realized that she needed to make something of her life. When she first spoke to Nora, she had already known that Torvald had become the Vice President of the bank. She asked for Torvald to provide her a job so that she could earn some money for herself. He gladly gave her the job, as he was going to remove Krogstad because of personal differences.

However, another revelation for Ms. Linde was when she found out that her job had been Krogstad's. She had been involved with him before, but left due to the fact that Krogstad would not have been able to support a family. She realized the wrong she had done him earlier in life, and she reconciled with him and they agreed to marry.

Nora is Torvald's wife in the play, although her husband often treats her as a child. When he was very ill and near death, she took out a loan from Krogstad for the amount of 250 pounds. Krogstad asked her to find someone else to sign the loan who would pay him back in event that she was not able to do so, so she forged her father's signature, only she dated...