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The very first scene in A Doll's House, opens with extremely precise and detailed stage directions. These stage directions are very important and relevant as they benefit the characters and the directors. This is so that they know the backgrounds to the event of the scene. The stage directions show us as the readers the type of character he/she is. It reflects back upon the characters personality and lifestyle. The play is based in Helmers apartment and goes straight into description.

The very first line of the stage directions gives us the impression that the Helmer's are happy, "…room furnished comfortably…" Here we see that the room is comfortably and tastefully but not expensively furnished. Even though it is not expensively furnished we can see straight away that the room is "happy" even though the inhabitants may be poor and unhappy.

The structure of the play is a one room tight fitting.

The structure of a one-room use is relevant to the play as it shows the restrictions on Nora as women in those days.

The layout as a whole and the use of this structure reinforces the claustrophobic emotional nature of Nora and Helmer's relationship.

In this scene there is a lot of reference to doors. Many doors are mentioned in the stage directions of the play. The doors are a metaphor in technical language they represent opportunity when open yet restrictions when closed. We can straight away see that there is restriction when Helmer opens the door of his study room and looks in from his study.

There are many props used in the play one of the props that has been used is the stove. It provides artificial warmth and heat, providing comfort from the cold. It is winter so therefore metaphorically everything is dead. This...