A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen Response to LIterature Essay

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A Doll's House

By Henrik Ibsen

As evolution came around so did the roles of man and woman. In Ibsen's epic play "A Doll's House" he presents this as a key issue of the era. Our leading lady, Nora was on the boarder line of following society's rules for woman and straying to her quest for independence. During this time, this was found to be unique because the roles of women at the time were to fulfill their duties to their family. Women having an opinion and gaining independence was out of the question.

The setting of the story is during the Jul season in Norway. During this era, society believed women were meant to tend to their families and husbands. They were expected to sacrifice for their loved ones and be selfless when it came to tending to their needs. Self righteousness did not exist for women at the time; they were not yet equal to men either.

Nora was the adored, humble, and selfless wife of the very well respected, honest, and admirable Torvald Helmer. A loving wife, a highly successful husband, these were the makings of a perfect marriage at the time. Nora was very supportive and agreed with everything her husband did and said. Torvald was the type of husband that loved his wife and children dearly.

In the beginning of the play Nora is portrayed as a happy go lucky housewife. Ibsen gives away that Torvald has just got a promotion and now they will be able to pay off all of their debts by New Year's. It is in the first conversation with her husband when Torvald portrays his wife Nora as a bird, or a so called Spendthrift. This is because throughout the years, every crone Nora has gotten she has spent. From...