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I feel sick and scared. I had never killed a man before. What if someone saw me and tried to kill me before I could kill him. The sick feeling wouldn't go away, I always felt sick but I'd never been this sick. He makes me sick, lying there in his pool relaxed pretending like nothing has happened. He murdered her! He killed her! HE didn't even stop. It was him in his yellow car. God knew it he sees everything through his spectacles with his bright blue eyes. They can fool me but they can't fool god. He killed Myrtle my love, my wife. If it wasn't for him she'll still be alive.

I told her too, I spoke to her. If only I could have kept her locked up in the house for just a few more days. I'd knew she was playing around, sneaking behind my back she thought I'd didn't realise but I'd knew so did god.

He was always watching with his bright blue eyes. That's why I had her locked up. I didn't want anything to happen to her I didn't want her to leave the house. I wanted to keep an eye on her. Oh I loved her so. We were going to move away. She always wanted to go away. I was waiting for the car to be fixed. I was going to buy it from Tom. I can't take her away anymore. She has gone, oh my god she has gone, my dear Myrtle. Damn that heartless bastard. I was lonely now that he had taken her away from me. She was my best friend my wife. That bastard killed her. It is all his fault. I have no one now and all because of him, I' am going to get him back for what he did to my Myrtle. I'm going to kill him. I know she'll want me too. I feel sick, I can't do this. No! I can do this. I just need to concentrate. There! I finally did it. The water is all red. Now he is floating face down, he isn't moving anymore.

I felt good now that he was dead. I had got him back for killing her. I loved her so much. He took her life away now I had taken his. I finally got him back for what he did. He hurt her and I hurt him. I felt lonely without her. Without my dear Myrtle, she was the only joy of my life. I missed her. I knew Gatsby killed her Tom told me so, he was driving the yellow car. I wish I could bring her back but she was gone. Even though I felt guilty for killing him there was a feeling of relive too. Gatsby was dead now. I had done what I came here to do. Now I need a plan. How am I going to get out of here?! They must have heard the gun shot by now. They were going to catch me and send me to jail. I know I couldn't lie to the police and people saw me coming for him asking where he lived. They were going to lock me up. If I told them why I had to kill him, they wouldn't understand. I can't runaway, there is no way! I don't have a car. They will catch me! There is one thing I can do. I want to be with her again, with my wife. I know what I have to do. There is no other way. This is the only way that I could be with her. I need to die here now. I want to die in the garden it was so beautiful and calming. I don't feel sick anymore. I' am scared but this feels right. I will be reunited with my dear love Myrtle. Nothing felt right without her. I couldn't do anything without her. I don't want to live without her. I need to be with my Myrtle.