Dreams And Their Meanings

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Journal entree #2 Topic: Dreams and their meanings.

Relating to class topic on: Theories and purposes of dreaming.

Author: John Suler, Ph.D.

Article(s) name: Working (and playing) with Dreams & A Dreams Worth.

Publication date:June 1995, Revised Feb 1997 (Working and playing with Dreams).

January 1996 (A Dream's Worth) Dreams are interesting and require alot of imagination, however what makes us dream and why do we dream ansd most importantly what do these sometimes strange and uncomprehendable dreams mean. Well on the topic of a dreams purpose, Sigmund Freud who analyzed his clients dreams through therapy believed that our dreams were ways to satisfy are wishes and disiers. For example a person who is having financial difficulty in life might dream about sucess and fame and becoming very wealthy. Basically our dreams are a way to escape the harsh reality of life and enjoy pleasures while asleep. Rosalind Cartwright believed in another theory, that are dreams are ways that provide us with the oppertunities to sole any problems that arose durring our time awake.

Like if I were to go to work and get into an argument with my boss and left work that day with nothing resolved, I would most likely dream about the situation and while dreaming try to descover ways ro resolve my problem. For example, I could dream that my boss and I were involved in that same argument however instead of me leaving the argument unresolved I would try and figure out ways to solve it. And the third theory that was introduce to me in class was the J. Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley's theory "that dreams are simply the by-product of burst of activity emanatating from subcortical area's in the brain" (Hobson, 1988; Hobson and McCarley, 1977; McCarley, 1994) (p.145 Textebook:...