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Dreams are something everyone can relate to. They happen every night and you might or might not remember them. There are many different types of dreams, from fantasy, to adventure, to nightmare. They are all different and many people don't understand this. I think that in different stages in our sleep we have different dreams. In my case, I have many dreams. I might not remember them but I know that I them. Fantasy dreams are hard to remember but you remember them once in a while. Adventure dreams are very difficult to remember, you might not remember any of them. The last is nightmares, they are the easiest to remember, and they happen in your deepest part of sleep and actually do scare you. In my experiences with a nightmare, I have put two into one. I once had a dream where I was getting chased by vampires but I could jump over houses like nothing was hard about it.

I think in this dream I have put two types of dreams into one, fantasy and nightmare. Although I only recall one adventure dream, I have heard many stories of them. My experience was with my father; me and him were matrix dudes and were trying to catch the agents so we could beat them up. It was very exciting and pretty funny. I really have remembered a lot of fantasy dreams; the one that recurs the most though is when I fly in my dreams. I know it's physically impossible, but it is something that I want to do.

Sleep and dreams were popular studies that showed up in books and publications in the early19th century. Not unlike the sleep and dream stages of our time, most of the older writings were in the style of "Dictionary of...