Dreams Forever: A Raisin in the Sun

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What are dreams and why are they so important? It is my belief that dreams give people a hope and a reason to live, beyond any explanation. Without it, life couldn't have any meaning and everything in this world can seem pointless. The play shows how some people still go on living, even when some of their dreams don't come true. The characters Lena Younger (Mama), Walter Lee, and Beneatha Younger, portray this message in 'A Raisin in the Sun'.

Lena Younger or Mama, was the head of the Younger family and just like her late husband, had a dream that her children and her descendants would have something of their own and be somebody in this world. She showed that she wanted her children to be happy when she gave sixty-five hundred dollars to her son and daughter from the ten thousand dollars that was left to her by her late husband.

The rest of the money, thirty-five hundred dollars, she used it to buy a house which was her lifelong dream. She wanted to have her very own garden where she will take care and look after her plants just like the way she looked after her family for all those years. Lena's first dream however, didn't really turn out the way she planned. When Walter Lee lost the money that she gave him, her dream was completely shattered and for a time, she must have felt awful knowing that her children may not have the things that she had planned for them but somehow she still manages to cope with this problem and was able to forgive Walter Lee and get on with their lives. Her second dream would have also been jeopardized by the 'Welcoming Committee' if Walter didn't say that they would move...