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In the book Of Mice and Men there were many dreams. Lennie, George, and Candy had the biggest dream of them all. Their dream was to buy a ranch. Lennie was going to tend the rabbits. Candy was going to feed all of the other animals and keep the place clean. While George was going to do the rest of the work. They figured that when it rained they could just sit in front of the big wood stove and do nothing because they would have no one in charge. Lennie, George, and Candy's dream did not come true. The reason their dream did not come true was because Lennie killed Curley's wife. George knew right then, that he and Candy could not proceed with their dream because they could not go on without Lennie.

The novel Stienbeck wrote, applies to us today in the way that many people have dreams and how some come true and some do not.

Many people can achieve their dreams with lots of encouragement from others, such as their parents. People also can do little things to help achieve their main dream. Dreams can also be tragic. There are people that achieve part of their dream and die. There will be a few that will not have the money to proceed with their dream; but there are people even a lack of money will not stop. Many have dreams, but they are not willing enough to accomplish them. The author that wrote Of Mice and Men was trying to say that all dreams do not come true. Even though a person might want their dreams to come true, they could end up with nothing.

I can relate to what Stienbeck has wrote about, because I had a dream last year, but I did not get to accomplish it. My dream was to save up enough money to buy myself a car. The reason I did not get to accomplish my dream was because I spent all of the money I received. I was upset, in a way, but I got over it because it was my fault. For the year of 2001, my dream is to save up the money for my car. I will not let anything stop me. I think I can accomplish my dream because I am willing to do so.