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I have been a lot of things, and made a lot of spaces

met a lot of people and went through mazes

to keep me life on the tracks, I knew when to quit

and i still struggle everyday, and still i aint shit

Would you ever look back at your life in wonder

and measure all of you mistakes and blunders

Not trying to correct them and still do wrong

No consequinces fo your actions, life takes its toll

you need to learn your role and never step out of line

And in time allof your wounds will heal, but the

scar is still there to remind you of the pain that

caused your life to stay in shattered pieces never

wanting to live the life around scattered feces

What is this thing that will drive you to succeed, it

is the love and belief that everyone around you brings,

to the table and once upon a time is the start to a fable

but that is not real, fables are make believe and hold no ground

in a mind that is currupted by evil living a life of a king

is what every man dreams, but all those dreams are

shattered by one thing, and that one thing is ...................reality