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There are lots of different drugs that we are very familiar about. Some of them are even legal in United States. Drugs come in different ways some are in liquid form, some are powder and some are also in pills. There are many names for drugs like speed, LSD, marijuana, steroids, crack and many more. People often ask why are there many people doing drugs, what are the effects and how are drugs influenced but not very many know about drugs.

People take drugs to increase their self- esteem, peer pressure, to relax and for many other reasons. Everybody knows that drugs are bad for you. People try drugs for many different reasons. People do drugs because they want to fit it with others. No one wants to be a loser. They take drugs to lower the stress just because they cannot find any other way to release it.

Some people also wants to experience how it feels instead of doing drugs they can have better experience like sports, music, shopping etc. there are many effects of drugs too. Most drugs affect nervous system and brain. Side effects of drugs are that they can give heart attacks, they may also increase breathing rate and faster heart beats. It has large affect on liver, brain and heart. Drugs use can be influenced by a number of factors. Most people use drugs to change how they fee because they want to feel better or different. This applies to both legal and illegal drugs too.

After knowing all the side effects and influences of drugs people still don't understand how harmful they are and it can have great impact on life of others. Drugs are just not good thing to do. There is much better way to kill time and...