E-Business Assignment

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E-Business Assignment


DATE: 02/2003

The Internet and Web provide an infrastructure that enables buyers and sellers to find each other online. Companies are now having new sales channels for their products and services, and numerous electronic markets are available for buying and selling at offer prices or through various auction mechanism.

Therefore, e-business could include almost all of the issues facing companies who practice business online, including: payment processing, software applications that manage customers or trading partners, outsourced applications and globalization.

In the past two years, e-business seems to have permeated every aspect of daily life. In just a short time, both individuals and organizations have embraced Internet technologies to enhance productivity, maximize convenience and improve communications globally. From banking to shopping to entertaining, the Internet has become integral to daily activities. For example, just twenty years ago, most individuals went into a financial institution and spoke with a human being to conduct regular banking transactions.

Ten years later, individuals began to embrace the ATM machine, which made banking activities more convenient.

Today, thousands of individuals rely on online banking services to complete a large percentage of their transactions.

In this essay, I will focus on two competing automobile suppliers: BMW and Ford.

By doing the comparison of these two multinational corporations, I would critically evaluate their business model in terms of their product, market, key success resources/factors, financial model and customer interface.

E-business could offer opportunities for businesses to establish new competitive standards by expanding distribution channels, integrating external and internal processes, and offering a cost-effective method of providing products and services. Furthermore, the Internet could provide online businesses with the ability to reach a global audience and to operate with a minimal infrastructure, reducing overhead, and providing greater economies of scale, while providing customers and...