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1.0EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSemporna, is a small town located in Tawau Division, about 108 kilometres from Tawau, east coast of Sabah. Its’ population was estimated to be around 133,000 in 2006[1] .The population is mainly Bajau whom live in sprawling stilt village over the water. Important economic activities in Semporna are tourism, reef fisheries, seaweed farming, small business trader and plantation.

SempornaWe believe that Semporna is potential to be a “ World Class Eco Tourism Town Centre “in the world. This small town is under develops, unable to attract foreign investment and was not been emphasize in Nineth Malaysia Plan at this moment. There is insufficient promotion in eco tourism, lack of proper town planning and still room of improvement in environmental protection. In order to be World Class Eco Tourism Town Centre, we have develop several sustainable strategies plan to make it success.

We will carry out an environmental analysis to evaluate the environmental factors that can significantly influence our effort to build and promote Semporna to be a successful Eco Tourism Town Centre.

Several strategies will be recommended and be pinpointed for implementation and execution.

2.0ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS2.1Tourism IndustriesWe have chosen Eco Tourism industries as the core industry to promote in Semporna due to the fact that Sipadan Island, which is located about an hour away by boat from Semporna, is ranked one of the most beautiful island in the world. Rich marine life is the highlight of the island. The tourism industry, especially in Sabah, has been booming despite the many natural disaster such as tsunami, earthquake and bird flu that has affected the South East Asia region. Tourists have been flocking to Sabah due to its unique eco-related places that had generated a lot of interests among foreign visitors. Semporna is one of the many interesting sites in Sabah...