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Christopher I had a hard time understanding how someone like Senator Kay O'Connor could present a bill like that and gain public support. Her presentation was unorganized and lacked a certain salesmen's pitch that most politicians have when speaking to the public. Her rambling bored me. I could care less how many death threats other Senator's received, or that she had been called names by certain media outlets. Isn't that what's suppose to happen to people who make a stand on a controversial issue? Senator O' Connor had a hard time selling me on the school voucher program. Her studies used for references were from 1994. A lot has changed in education since 1994, especially the price of a private education. With that many tax dollars at your disposal you think she could get more recent information.

Her idea of a voucher in the first year stage and lack of empathy scared me as a voter.

You really can't expect a family of four who makes $14,000 a year to come up with $200 or more for their child's education. That is a lot of money for a struggling family. If we are going to give them a close amount to the exact price, why not give the whole amount to needy families and base the vouchers on need, not flat amount stages.

I think Senator O'Connor really avoided most of the questions. She showed her true political savvy by not answering a tough question with a direct answer, but instead telling stories that didn't relate to the question. Her proposed bill did have some good points. It did have a good cause and a good purpose. Giving quality education to the needy. But I question her intentions.

Senator O'Connor really is missing the main idea for improving education...