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"˜Reform For School Funding' Living in the United States, the land of opportunity, one would think that a decent education is a fundamental right. Yet that is not the case, not the case because like so many things in life, public education revolves around money. And because of such, education reform that is much needed is slow to come about to say the least. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. Isn't that how it goes? If you're rich, your child deserves a better education than mine, seems to be the message our government is sending based on their slow and unresponsive move to reform. While, year after year, the US can afford to spend billions on aide to foreign countries, when only a fraction of that would be needed to fix a broken public school system. It seems illogical that we can spend so much money on things outside this country yet when faced with internal problems, they are ignored.

As before civil rights, when separate was viewed as equal, before being overturned by the Supreme Court, many states are saying that about their schools. The unfortunate truth however is that, separate is not equal, and not fair. Now like many civil right issues, the courthouse is now the battlefield for education reform.

I experience this debate first hand through my high school. Unfortunately I went to school in a depressed low-income neighborhood, unlike most of my friends who went to a school in a wealthy school district. It didn't take long to notice the disparities in the school I attended and the one my friends did. They had more selections in classes, more programs, newer buildings and a wealth of resources. Where my school had two language classes they had five, where we had one...