Education Today: Privilege or Accessibility?

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Education, how important is it to mankind? We do all understand of course-extremely. We go to schools, colleges and universities with a goal to improve and better ourselves, with a desire to find out about whom we are and what it is we are the best at. We send our children to study in hope they will have better lives than us and really will change the world someday. We turn to the educated people in belief they are more competent and trustworthy we respect them. Therefore education is considered the power, but unfortunately, not as great as the power of money today. I think it is only fair to say there are a lot of things we would like to improve and change in the educational system only when there is an education at all to begin with. How many people there are out there who cannot afford an education, who does not study not because they do not want to, but because they simply can’t? I believe the free education, when students basically do not have to pay the tuition, should be available to anyone, anywhere and at all times.

There are many reasons I believe free education would be something we all can benefit from and appreciate a lot. First of all giving a chance and an equal opportunity to those who cannot afford to pay would dramatically increase their sense of self-worth and greatly encourage them to study. It breaks my heart to see all those kids on the streets, doing absolutely nothing with their lives, thinking they can’t, they are not good enough or not worthy because they are poor. As a result, they end up with low self-esteem, undervaluing the education and canonizing the money. How is that for the price?Aristotle said: “All who...