Effective Managers Need Leadership Skills. Discuss.

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In view of business situations in the contemporary context, it is highly palpable that organizations realise the need for managers to have leadership skills in order to be effective in their job. It is essential to distinguish between the roles of a manager and a leader. Very simply, managers who are not leaders only rely on positional power to make things happen. They try to get things done only through the power of their post or position. Position or power, however, is rarely enough to bring about changes and sustain them in the long run (Arun Wakhlu, 1999). Gone are the days of the Industrial Age where managers go about their daily tasks following the rigid concept of making decisions and assigning tasks to people. All these managerial roles would never be carried out to its full potential without leadership qualities inculcated. World-renowned educator and investor Robert Kiyosaki (1999) defined leadership as the 'ability to bring out the best in people' in his best-selling book Cashflow Quadrant.

If a leader can truly bring out the best in his people, being an effective and successful manager would be easy to achieve.

Singapore is very much a developed country therefore organisations here are expected to conform to the requirements of imbuing managers with leadership skills. Of course, many organisations have long recognized the need for such conformance. My agenda is to focus on the factors that epitomise the way leadership is initiated in these organisations. Motivation, delegation, time management and communication skills are 'enablers' that help leaders perform more efficiently and effectively (Roger Fritz P.h.D, 2001). Delegation and time management are on-the-job practices that are encompassed by motivation and communication. Motivation and communication will thus constitute a majority of this essay.

Communication may be defined as the process by which people...