Effective Meeting Management

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In today?s ever-changing business world, time and money management have become key issues in corporate business strategy, beginning with effective management of corporate meetings.

Despite how one feels about them, they will probably agree that workplace meetings are necessary, and they can play a vital role in the corporate world. When meetings are conducted efficiently, they have the potential to produce great results. Unproductive meetings, however, can be one of the biggest institutional time-wasters we suffer (King, 2003).

To organize company communications, one must first organize and implement a meeting system. For meetings to be effective they must be thought out, organized and well planned. The employees need to feel they are able to talk over any concerns that they may have. Those attending need to feel they are able to talk over any concerns that they may have. All meetings must have a solid agenda, structure, and time line.

There should be a note taker for anyone that cannot be there and one employee counting the minutes of the meetings (Cannon, 2003).

One common mistake people make is to conduct unnecessary meetings. When deciding on whether to schedule a meeting or not, one should determine whether a meeting is needed to achieve the desired results. If one can achieve results without a meeting, then do not schedule one.

Conducting Meetings When a meeting is necessary, there are some simple things that one can do to ensure that the meeting is timely and productive. Preparation is one of the best remedies for unproductive meetings. One can make your meetings more productive when you take time to prepare an agenda. A good agenda should be brief and interesting. To have an effective meeting, one must adhere to the agenda and keep the meeting short. Setting a schedule for the meeting is...