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ASSIGNMENT #1 Persuasive memo on the wisdom of teams.

DIRECTIONS: Write a business memo to the head of your organization or department selling him/her on the wisdom of teams. Convince management to create or enhance teamwork as the basic approach to getting work done more effectively. Outline the advantages, benefits and positive effects on morale, creativity, performance, etc.


1. Overall professional appearance; grammar, spelling, word choice, tone, clear

and concise expression of ideas. (Note: double space for easy reading) 15%

2. The number of valid reasons presented for utilizing teams and teamwork. 25%

3. The quality and strength of the arguments for using teams. 25%

4. The use of specific examples and research data to support opinion. 20%

5. The lasting impression created by the memo; for example, a strong call

for action. 15%


To: Chair, ABCA Steering Committee

CC: Vice Chair, ABCA Steering Committee

ABCA Board Member

From: Co-Leader, Sustainment Working Group

Date: 10/23/2013

Re: Proposed Enhancement to "Working Group" Identification and Operational Paradigm

ABCA Chair,

As you are aware, I was recently asked by our Vice Chair to serve as Co-Leader of the new Working Group recently reinvigorated for the ABCA Steering Committee.

Heretofore, I have taken a 'back seat' approach to watching the Working Groups (WGs) form and attempt to accomplish a set of objectives in a purely volunteer environment. This has historically come, in my observation, replete with interpersonal conflict, awash with individual agendas and, unfortunately, rife with self-aggrandizement.

I would like to propose an enhancement that I believe will help these Working Groups (WGs) more effectively establish and work toward goals in a most efficient and uniform manner.

Naming Convention/Hierarchical Composition

First, I am recommending there be a common understanding of the terminology being utilized and how it may be improved.