The effects of drinking alcohol on one's life.

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This essay is about drinking and how it affect your life. I also explain the consequence that you will recieve when you drink and cause neagtive emotions to ur love one.

Jenny is a 16 year old girl, whose mother has become terribly ill. Here she speaks of how her father finally returns back into her life after 12 years. She is extremely distraught as her dad ran off with another women 12 years ago and since then has had nothing to do with her or her mother. Now her mother is on her death bed and he finally returns expecting everything to be normal. Jenny voices her true feelings on the situation.

Jenny walks reluctantly over to her father standing in the waiting room of the hospital. She starts to cry, after regaining composure she turns to him and delivers her monologue.

Jenny: You think you can just come back and expect everything to be ok?! Well it's NOT!! You left us remember?! You left us cold and poor while you took off with your new wife to live the life of luxury! I remember waiting up all night for my daddy to come home.

Day by day I waited. "He loved me and he'd never leave me", but I guess I was WRONG!!! (Bursts into tears)

I blamed the one person who actually loved me the most. MY MOTHER!!! Do you know what she went through? DO YOU?! She worked three jobs just so we could afford food and a shack to live in!! She worked her fingers to the bone while you drank yourself away with your new little wife! She worked night and day for us kids. She didn't have a life it was just work work work!!! I barely ever saw her and when I...