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Devil's root or Divine herb are just two of the names people use to describe peyote. The reason for this is because no one really knows what kind of effect peyote will have on you once you have taken it. There are many things that can influence the kind of effect the drug will have on the user once he or she has taken peyote, the size of the dose, where the person takes it, and what form the peyote is in are all but some factors that can determine the kind of effect it can have on you. Even someone who has taken it before can have different outcomes each time, the effects vary from one experience to the next. A person may have a good experience one time and a very bad trip the next. The experience can even change from positive to negative in a single episode of use.

Although people's reactions to peyote vary, most users go through two stages after consuming peyote.

"Stage One" First comes a period of almost unbearable physical discomfort, nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, to headaches. Some start to shake and feel to hot or cold and have trouble breathing like they are being choked. Muscles may feel weak, and parts of the body may feel numb, pains in the neck, chest and, stomach may be a part of the reaction. With these uncomfortable physical sensations comes psychological discomfort, you may feel restless, uneasy, depressed. Some become so agitated they may become violent. These feelings start about an hour after taking peyote and may last up to three of four hours.

"Stage Two" The second phase although most of the discomfort has passed some users may still feel an odd mixture of depression and dreaminess. Your body becomes numb, and the user may think they have unusual physical abilities. Sometimes there is a sensation of weightlessness or just the opposite - feeling very heavy. Your pupils open wide and hardly react to light. The most obvious effect is that reality becomes blurred and distorted. Your senses, especially sight and hearing get scrambled, some have said to have been hearing colors and seeing sounds. Yet not everyone has hallucinations, they do occur to some people. When they do occur objects appear to change shape, take on brilliant colors, or pulsate. At first users may see visions only when they close there eyes. As the experience progresses, some people start to see more complicated, realistic visions-such as animals, people, and buildings-even with there eyes open. The kind of visions and the way the person sees them depends on that person's background and culture. A young person may see music videos, while a Huichol shaman may see deer, corn and Huichol gods, even so people within the same culture, family, group, or town, people may have very different visions. Some people may have "audio hallucinations"-they think they hear sounds that are not really there. There can be times when old memories may come flooding back and may seen so realistic that they blend in with whatever is really happening at the time. This can lead to the ability of not knowing what is real and what is not. One bizarre and disturbing effect is where the user starts to feel that there are not connected to there bodies. During a peyote experience time and space may become distorted. Time seems to drag on or stand still, a minute can seem like a hundred years. People seem to be talking too slowly or to fast; they may seem giant's one-minute and small the next. Things that are standing still seem to be moving and things moving objects standing still, or moving jerkily like actors in an old silent movie. A person who starts to panic after taking peyote should never be left alone, given sedatives, tranquilizers, or any other drug. It is better to try to calm them down and help them remember who and where they are. These are just some of they effects peyote can have on a person all in a single dosage that can last up to 12 hours or more.