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Elizabeth Taylor is one of the greatest movie stars of all time. She gracefully matured from the child actress who appeared in films like National Velvet and the Lassie movies to the megastar that appeared in movies like Cleopatra. She has had a terrible personal life filled with divorces and sickness. But she has stuck around and survived to become a legendary actress.

Elizabeth's mother always had dreams of her becoming a star. When Elizabeth moved to America when she was 7, people saw her and said that she belonged on stage. I don't really feel that Elizabeth struggled in becoming an actress, because her parents were rich and in Hollywood with connections, which is just how Liz got to meet Mr. Marx, the studio executive of MGM at the time. Her father was sky-scanning for Japanese planes, and Mr. Marx would take his shift with him, and Elizabeth got worked into the conversation.

They put her in the movie Lassie Come Home and then received a 7-year contract.

I think that Elizabeth really influenced herself the most. She saw acting not as a calling or something she was born to do, but merely as something fun, like a hobby. She didn't like rehearsals, so she would give a poor performance during a rehearsal and then shine when the camera was rolling. If she didn't really like the film she was in, she would give a dead performance, not really acting, just being there. No one could tell Elizabeth what to do.

Other people who influenced Elizabeth husbands. Her marriage to Michael Wilding drove Elizabeth into debt to MGM, and it was necessary for her to do movies she didn't really enjoy. Mike Todd was probably the husband she was the most in love with, and he knew how to...