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WHAT MY FLAG MEANS TO ME My flag means a great deal to me. Some of the things it means to me are that I should be a proud citizen of the United States of America because of all the lives that were lost during those long, hard,weary, battles. All the people who sacrificed leaving their families to be in the wars. Just for me and my great country. I am very thankful to all those brave soldiers for giving me a country of freedom. "Old Glory" is a sign of accomplishment that represents liberty, freedom, and pride. Our flag is another way America leaves her name on the moon, on Mount Everest, in space, and everywhere else she peacefully flies. A better place for generations of children to live is also represented by our flag. It means working together to help one another. It means love, choices, freedom, and happiness.

I hope that you will continue to take pride in our flag and our country. Don't just think of the pledge of allegiance as something you have to do, think of it as something you should want to do; to repay and thank the men and women who died for each and every one of us, and our country. I hope you will continue to pledge with your hand over your heart. And please don't allow our freedom and rights to just fade away or be destroyed. Cherish these things forever. I will. That is what my flag means to me.