How an employee motivates his/her customers

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Topic: How an employee motivates his/her customers.

The Castries Comprehensive Secondary School is an organisation, which strives to achieve the goal of providing the service of education to the youth. The ultimate focus of this service is to provide an environment in which students are effectively motivated to learn. The faculty at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, therefore, cooperates with students to arouse enthusiasm, which directs them to be more productive and as a result they are motivated towards the accomplishment of organisational goals. The leaders of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School have a contemporary approach to motivation that focuses on three perspectives of students life, the need for physical wellness, the need for social interaction and the need to develop their potential; increase competence and overall personal growth.

School officials from the Ministry of education assist the school, in providing for students basic human needs. The school has been furnished and is cleaned on a continuous basis to produce an optimised work environment.

The students are protected from violent individuals whether intruding or on the campus by security guards. Because of the increase in poverty of the nation, teachers have organised an underprivileged fund that provides a meal to needy students. There is, however, a prevalent amount of noise pollution originating from the Gros Islet highway; in addition, there are an inadequate number of bathrooms for use. Consequently, the underlying basic needs are not completely satisfied but are sufficient to a minimum level.

Teachers provide the means by which students can build relationships because they are given an opportunity for social interaction. The recently implemented enrichment program is geared at enabling students to socialize with one another in a non-academic setting; these programs include music, dance and cooking. In addition there are scheduled sporting activities in which students...