Employee Motivation The political, economic, social and technological environment all impinge on the effectiveness of business

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This report has sought to identify the things that motivate staff at DK1 Dental Laboratory, as well as the things management need to consider to improve motivation in the organisation.

It illustrates what motivation is and why it matters to workers at DK1. It looks at the effects that poor motivation is having on performance and profitability and the effects of leadership style on motivation and performance.

The report relies upon qualitative research through questionnaires and interviews with staff and on quantitative research into motivation and job design theory concepts. There are no published reports into motivation in this field so staff feelings where benchmarked against theories written by Cooper, Bennett, Mullins, Herzberg and Vroom.

It looks at financial motivational factors and at job design as a non-financial motivational method.

The report also outlines the contextual factors effecting the implementation of job design as a motivator and recommends steps to increase both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the workplace.


DK1 Dental Laboratory is a small business established in 1999 with six employees working five departments. Half of the team have been with the company from the beginning and the other half have less than twelve months service. The owner-manager, one member of staff and an on the job trainee metal technician work in technical roles, which are suffering global staff shortages. The remaining roles are unskilled: the plaster room technician, the secretary and the delivery driver.

The owner-manager is highly respected in his field and he completed a Chamber of Commerce, Skills for Small Business course over a period of four months before the company began to trade. Company objectives were clear and the owner was committed to its success.

Company objectives have not been revised or communicated since the business opened. There are no formal procedures in...