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Employment Law Paper

Angelyn Jones

University of Phoenix - Augusta Campus

BUS/415 - Business Law

Harold Jones

November 23, 2008

In today's extremely lawful work environment, employers must create practices that will prevent them from being sued while making sure their workers are extremely qualified. Retailers, as well as many other businesses have a diverse workplace and with that comes conflicts, questions, grievances, and even lawsuits. Having a clear understanding of cases in matters such as religion, age and affirmative action is extremely important.

Angelyn, the store manager of Demo located in the Augusta Mall, encountered various issues involving religion in the workplace. During the holiday season, Angelyn hired nine new sales associates. At the time of hire and during training no issues arose with the new associates. As time progressed, the Assistant Manager, noticed the use of excessive breaks and a decline in the work performance of one of the new associates, which was a muslim.

The sales associate, Prity, would refuse to service customers who were intoxicated or seemed to have been drinking. Once Angelyn was made aware of the problem she immediately scheduled a meeting with Prity. Prity informed Angelyn that in lieu of she religious beliefs she could not serve person who partook in defiling their temple. She also informed her boss that she had to observe she religious prayers at a certain time of day. After speaking with the companies Human Resource department, Angelyn decided, since Prity was only hire seasonally, to make accommodations her. Those customer who entered the establishment intoxicated would be assisted by another associate while Prity performed a different task. In the matter of her excessive breaks, Angelyn chose to breakdown Prity's scheduled breaks into increments in order for her to observe her religious rights...