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This paper will deal with some examples of job situations, which deal with a law commonly known as the Equal Protection Clause. John F. Kennedy in the year of 1964 introduced this historical piece of legislations to the United Stated. Although previous executive legislation had been introduce to address prior grievances against colored people. Executive orders like E.O. 8802 which prohibits government discriminating on employment based on race, color or national origin, and E.O. 9981 which desegregated the armed forces where initial attempts to correct the segregation policies that existed during early history of our nation.

The purpose of this law was to forbid racial segregation in public places like county or city run schools and businesses. During the legislative approval process, women were also addressed in this bill and protective rights were granted to them as well. This law also established regulations for the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Since the inception of the initial bill, additional clauses called, 'Titles', have been added to the law to further enhance citizen protection against discrimination and retaliation from employers, businesses, government and other entities.

These additional laws constitute expanded protection to a number of citizen types not originally address with the initial Civil Rights Act of 1964. In a quick summary, these include voter protection rights, outlawing discrimination in public accommodations facilities, or prohibiting specific races from using certain facilities. A key Title to note is Title VII, which is the section that prohibits any sort of discrimination to occur within hiring businesses. Continuing with voter registration data and record keeping. Title IX also allowed for the movement of civil rights trail to a different location if the racial judicial make-up was seen to be detrimental to the case.

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