End of the road

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I'd been walking alone for as long as I could remember. Struggling to put one foot in front of the other for most of my life. Battling to keep going although I had nothing to drive my efforts. As I walked on though the harshness of the streets. I caught a glimpse of my reflection through a shop window. There I stood, icy blue eyes, damp, knotted hair, pale lifeless skin. I looked like death. I had become a very different person to the one that I once knew. I stared back at my reflection and for a moment forgot about everything. Then I thourght about the events that had driven me to where I was and painfully began to remember...

I clenched my hands against my ears, trying desparetly to block out my mother's screams of pain as I curled myself up in the corner of my room. I could hear it again.

My mother's desparate pleas, as she begged my father to stop. Silence filled the air and for a moment I thought I was safe. I should have known better.

As I closed my eyes I began to recaptulate on what living for me had molded itself to. I don't think that the word "living" was even the correct terminology. Existing perhaps was better. I thought of my mother. Was she okay? Had I done the right thing by leaving her alone? This question I knew would never be answered, because I knew I was never going back. The part of my life I still had a faint hold on.

"Oh, you've woken" At once I opened you my eyes, trying desperately to contain myself. In front of me, stood a nurse. "I'm sorry to wake you. You're name, it's Kelly isn't it? Kelly McAlise? There was...