Satire. Road signs and what they mean to me.

Essay by Lori_BethHigh School, 12th gradeA+, March 2002

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As you drive down the road, on your way to work or a special appointment, you will more than likely read 75 percent of the road signs. Have you ever been so bored that you really think about what the signs mean?

As I was driving through town the other day, I was reading some road signs, and I came across one particular sign that said "Slow Children at play." The first time it ran through my mind I got a laugh out of my interpretation. I t came through my mind as "Slow children, at play." As if the whole county had a designated area for the slow children to play. I asked myself, "How did they get all the mentally challenged children in Monroe Co. To play in this one area?" Then I asked myself, "Why would they let these slow children play right in town, with traffic?" What kind of parents are they?

As I was thinking about interpretation another sign came into mind.

The particular sign that I was thinking of was the "BUMP" sign. While I was driving from Princeton about a week ago, I saw a intriguing sign in Rich Creek. As I came upon Webco's there was a sign that said "BUMP". Well automatically I slowed down and was anticipating there to be a bump up ahead, but before I slowed down I hit the bump. Not only did it jar my car, but it jarred me as well. You would figure the sign would be a before the bump so drivers could slow down in time, but it as I could tell it wasn't. Everyone knows that you should warn people ahead of time so they can prepare for it, instead of letting people ruin their vehicles. "Hello, here...