"The mystery of the missing kidneys" a story about the popular urban legend, bout people waking up in a bathtub, with their kidneys missing, with a sign next to them saying ring 911 or die

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Another siren! I looked out of the window and saw that the ambulance had arrived. The sheriff and his deputy had already arrived at the building across the road 5 minutes ago. Heaps of people have already crowded around to see what is happening. I'm not going down there because there are already too many people, and besides, I can see better up here. Over the last 12 months, I have been reading in the paper how young men have been taken to hospital minus their kidneys! I figure that this is what has happened again.

My name is John Jacobson and I moved to Atlantic Cove, a quiet coastal fishing town, 12 month ago from New York. I was a journalist for the Nor York Times but felt that I needed a change of scenery, as life was too hectic in the city of New York. I remember how one early morning, after I had only just moved in to my small, one bed roomed flat, I was sitting down, having my usual coffee or breakfast on my corner apartment balcony, watching the surf pounding up against the rocks, thinking how this town was so peaceful..

I had opened the local rag and what I saw that morning, brought back memories of my life in New York, as a criminal journalist. I thought that by moving to this peaceful town, I would get away from the frenzied atmosphere of a big city, but then I thought that maybe this was not so.

Getting back to reality, as I was looking down at the crowd across the road, I thought that maybe it might be time to contact my friend, who is the sheriff in this little, what I thought, peaceful town and see if I could offer my...