An Enemy Of The People By Henrik Ibsen.

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Thomas Stockman happened to be a polymath concerned with the prosperity of his community. For instance, he declares that "the most dangerous enemy of truth and freedom"¦is the compact majority" (p. 89). Dr. Stockman cogitated about this matter and came to the realization that the masses prevailed as a prominent hazard against the liberty of the individual. He attained this perspective from his personal experience, one in which the populace attempted to take his rights as an individual away. In addition, he also conveys to his children his belief that "the strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone" (p. 215). As the story progresses, the reader comprehends how prophetic those words uttered by Dr. Stockman turn out to be. Dr. Stockman vigorously withstood the attacks, both physical and verbal, issued by the bourgeoisie or "compact majority" against him. Thomas Stockman existed in the play as a sage entrusted with the protection of the values and beliefs of true individuality.

It is Sunday morning. The newspaper lies on the steps of the house's main entrance. A middle-aged man comes out the door covered with a bathrobe and wearing a pair of slippers. He picks the newspaper up. After closing the door behind him, he sits comfortably on his favorite sofa in the family room. He starts skimming through the newspaper. It seems he is looking for a specific section of the newspaper. Could it be national news? Local news? Information on the stock market? The weather? Or maybe the sports section? Behold, he has found what he was looking for! He pulls a section out from the rest of the newspaper. Its title reads, "Comic Strips." Just as our individual has done, millions of others across America do as well. Almost all of the major newspapers in our nation report that among the readers' favorite sections, the comic strips or funnies are ranked amongst the highest. Therefore the fact that many newspapers, magazines, and advertising agencies seek the services of the creators of comic strips. These talented artists are called cartoonists. A cartoonist develops comic strips ideas and characters, then draws the comic strip and writes the words for his storyline.