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Have you ever wondered where all the energy comes from in your body? Do you know that you are getting energy each day when you eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The food you eat will slowly digest into energy and some of it will not. The rest of the food that can not digest into energy for your body will soon began to let you find a way to let it out!

But human bodies are not always getting energy without using it. Your energy will be spent at the time you are walking, running, or doing some active. You are spending your energy no matter what you do. For example, you need energy to breathe, at that time you are also using your energy. But not only when you are breathing, you need energy to let your heart keep beating too! You are spending your energy even when you are sleeping!

Not only human bodies need energy, some of the electricity things we used need energy too.

Like, lamp needs battery to light up, and battery is one thing that you could use to stored power energy in it. But some of the lamps use plug to get power, still, it used the power energy from the plug to light itself up! Some other things around us need energy too.

Most of the energy we use today comes from fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas. These are fuels that are being consumed more rapidly than they are being replaced. Someday we could run out of these kinds of fuels. Renewable energy comes from energy sources that are constantly being replaced and usually less polluting than energy from fossil fuels. For example, water and sun heats were kind of renewable energy. In addition to we using some energy...