English Isn't Sexist

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English isn't Sexist It's English As many say that the English Language is sexist and degrading towards women, it is instead just another aspect in life to "bitch" about. Lets face it, life is boring without controversy, so it is only fair that our language is accused of favoring the male gender. I don't know why the word woman contains the word man, or why anyone would be offended by something so trivial. The fact remains that some things have to be accepted for the way that they are. Changing every word that has form of man in it seems like a lot of trouble to me, but all offended non-male persons, be my guest.

One of the factors that affect why women feel as if English is sexist is because of the little things in life. As pointed out by Robin Laskoff, when a man and a woman are married they are often announced as "Man and Wife" rather than Man and Woman.

I don't feel that is meant to be offensive in any case, it is simply tradition. In just as many cases a couple just married are Husband and Wife. I think the connotation behind this is the fact that until quite recently, the man in a marriage was the worker to provide for his wife, to take care of her, as well as her financial needs. In recent years however things have changed dramatically, and now women want to be treated equally in every aspect. I believe that they are. There are now equal opportunities for women in the work place as well as anywhere such as politics and leaders. Now there is a mixed population of women, some of which like to be taken care of, and still others that don't want help with...