[ENGLISH] Science Fiction Story PART 6

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(At the Government House, 'United We Are', America)

"President Walker!" exclaimed the secretary rushing into the room, waving a leaf of paper.

"We have just received a satellite message from the Universal Spaceship. It seems we have a huge problem!"

The President grabbed the sheet of paper. He skimmed it quickly.

"Damnit!" he shouted banging the table with his fists and stalked out of the room.

"They've lost the only contact with the rescue ship!" the secretary whispered as she scampered out of the room after him.

We all looked at each other in silence...

"Mate...that's got to be bad!" murmured the president's bodyguard as he lumbered out of the room.

I entered the back room. Everyone was sitting there stunned in their seats.

"What happened?" asked Derek Johnston, the medic, picking up the medical supplies that were strewn all over the floor.

Jessica Vovers looked up at me and said "Brian, we have some problems!" she moved form where she was sitting.

Against the wall was Sana Loven. She was holding her leg and crying silently.

Anita the nurse lent over her, examining the injuries.

"It seems like she has a piece of shrapnel embedded in her calf" she said concernedly "We have to get it out or it'll get infected"

"Alright" I ordered "Get her into the medical room and do what you have to do. I have to check the power generators!"

Derek and Anita lifted Sana. She screamed in pain and fainted. They grabbed her gently by the shoulders and took her to the medical room.

"The rest of you" I ordered, pointing to the army officers and Matthew Parnt, "Try to salvage the medical supplies that are everywhere" I turned to walk out of the door, and side-stepping crushed syringes and...