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Abby Cantrell


What I think of English

English has always been my favorite subject, by far. From English and many of the great teachers I have had throughout the years, my love for writing, reading, and thinking beyond the obvious has grown and developed. I believe English has always been my best subject because I am genuinely interested and curious too learn more about writing a better paper or finding the deeper meaning in a book.

In 8th grade, I found myself looking forward to Mrs. Major's English class everyday. From the teacher I had and the things I learned from her, I found the words "learning" and "fun" could actually go in a sentence together. Writing became a non-school related activity I liked to do, so when it came to writings and essays in school, I had no problem. I even began to become excited about these assignments.

Once I had this honest interest in writing, I found myself holding on to every word Mrs. Major said about writing in class. With those tips and exercises I learned in class, I took them home and practiced them until I thought I had a true understand of what she was trying to help us accomplish when it came to writing. Even though my writing skills have always been one of my most sturdy skills in school, I found myself actually going above and beyond to succeed in that English class.

I remember going through lower and middle school, telling my parents that I would never pick up a book on my own because I did not like reading at all. I never believed that you would actually learn more from reading so I would only do the bare minimal of reading when it came to school. Then as...