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University of PhoenixMBA/580: Strategies for Competitive AdvantageJuly 27, 2009Week 3AbstractThis paper explores an environmental scan, economic analysis and a competitive analysis of the industrial gas company as it relates to the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of Air Liquide (AL). An analysis of three non-economic factors, a summary of the organization's current situation, and a strategic long term objective that can be measured is shown to help the reader understand the risk management. In this analysis, Air Liquide's (AL) strategic adaptability and relevance when faced with certain forces or trends are discussed. Air Liquide (AL) supplies oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and many other gases and services to most industries such steel and oil refiners, healthcare and aerospace.

Environmental AnalysisAir Liquide (AL) has been committed to creating value for their customers worldwide by supplying innovative technologies, products and services for their industrial and medical gases business and related activities. People recognize the Blue AL (logo) that is posted on our products and vehicles.

Air Liquide (AL) is the top gas company in the world, there are still things that need to be done to make them better. This paper will cover the following: forces and trends - refined, a competitive anaylsis, and Air Liquide (AL)'s current situation.

Forces and Trends - RefinedRisk management is a corporate function that has changed dramatically. Good and efficient strategic planning and risk management has become the company's tangible assets. The industrial gas business has generally been slow; therefore, clients have been slow to pay due to the market. In the area of products, many merchants use computers for their transactions; therefore, to compete with modern technology, Air Liquide (AL) has had to introduce more modern equipment and services.

EconomicConsumption patterns are affected by affluences of various market segments and each organization must look at...