The Environmental Differences Between Asian Countries And Australia

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It is inevitable in the world today to live in a country that will go through environmental problems even the most advanced countries with technology could not even deny this problem.

The Earth is a human-dominated planet. The growth of human population and the growth in amount of resources used are altering the earth in many different ways. There are many problems caused by human. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased nearly 30% since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The reason for this is people use coal to produce electricity, and the area of the forest is decreasing too fast. There is too much CO2 for earth to absorb it, therefore carbon dioxide will remain in atmosphere and it will increase the green house effect. Once the green house effect gets worse, the temperature will rise to a level that is able to melt the ice in the South and North Pole.

When sea level rises, the entire city which are beside the sea and have a low amplitude will be covered by seawater. Human are fully exploit or overexploit our resources. While the population getting larger and larger, The food and the other resources we need will be much more than before. We just take all we need from our environment, but one thing we forget that is most of our resources can not be repaired, or renewed, because we are overexploit them. The number of them will still decrease until extinction if human do not provide them any protection. There are many pollution problems which were caused by chemical substance from the factory., such as water pollution, air pollution and noisy pollution. This pollution is not only effects the environment but also create a lot of damage to all of the creatures on...