ESL; Senior high school students: old enough to live on their own?

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Moving out on your own for high school at the age of 16 can be a thrilling experience. After the initial parental help of moving some furniture your life is truly in your own hands, you have the freedom of choice to do everything you want to. No more ludicrous restrictions and home coming times or irrational schedules! Is this liberty suitable for everyone then, especially at that age?

The coin has its flipside; your mom is not there every day to prepare you a hot dish, doing the laundry and washing the tableware, not the mention all the phone-, water- and electricity bills to be paid or the simple fact that you have to buy everything from the food to the toilet paper - all by yourself. All this sudden extra responsibility can be too much burden to carry, even for the most gifted and extrovert people. The risen amount of everyday demands are taking a lot more time from your hobbies in addition that you have much harder subjects at school.

So, you might end up using large amounts of alcohol or some illegal substances to relax more in the weekends!

Fortunately there are also many good sides when moving out from the warm haven of home. It's a great leap to young cosmopolitan when the person realizes all the responsibility that he or she has to counter in the near future. This prepares the individual for that in a good way: you still get lots of support from home, like cash for the food and rent. You produce a better image of yourself and your place in our hectic world, brush up your social skills with new people while learning how the things roll around.

Overall, it's a great advantage for some when they start their...